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An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 15501941

Navigating around the maps

1: Navigate to the north, south, east or west or click on the map and drag 1uffakind.com

2: Drag thumbnail or drag blue box to pan quickly to a part of the map

When viewing a map, the controls at the top left corner of the map let you pan left/right/up/down.

You can also "click and drag" on a map to pan it.

The small thumbnail at the bottom right corner of each map shows your "viewer" in a larger context, and you can also click and drag the blue box in the thumbnail to pan quickly. This is helpful if you want to see an area on a far part of the map, or if you are zoomed in very far.

This box can be collapsed by clicking on the arrow pointing to the bottom right corner of the screen. It can be expanded by clicking on the same point.

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